Is it normal to feel like you’re finally growing up?

Paying my own rent, having a full time work, cooking lunches/dinner on some days, doing my own laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house, not having to study at night/on weekends. This transition in life from studying to working and what people call adulting, is finally settling in.

Its been two months in and I like it pretty much. No more studying at night, rushing for projects or assignments, or burning the midnight oil for examinations. I wake early for work nowadays and after work its pretty much my own free time and I loveeee it. Guess I didn’t realise how time consuming studying was. LOL

I guess adulting was a more significant step for me cause I’m transitioning in a different environment? Leaving home to work in another country was exciting but at the same time, very uneasy. I worried most about starting work, leaving my family behind and the uncertainty of planning my future but I was really excited to go back to California. I was in California for a one-year internship before and I LOVE the area. There’re plenty of amazing sights and scenery around and there’s fantastic asian food (yes, some are even better than Singapore). So as you can tell, I had really mixed feelings when I flew.

“When will you come back?” is the question I get the most and the one that’s always on my mind. Honestly, I’ve no idea. The plan is to work for at least a year, see how its like working full time and then make plans after. But we all know that sometimes plans don’t work out. I hope mine does! Yay to a new phase in life * inserts beer emoji *